• Tasha Kamrowski

"Social Distancing" SUX

So it is no surprise or it shouldn't be of all the crap that is happening in the world today with COVID 19. Tomorrow with Governor Evers locking us all down and closing all "non-essentials" my business is going to never be the same.

A week ago I decided to do the responsible thing and minimized the shoots inside the studio because of "social distancing" and shut the doors except for appointment that require be being no closer then 6 ft to my subject. So basically only teens and adults.

I will have my last shoot in the studio tomorrow with a gorgeous, full bodied tatted women that I am happy to call my friend. After that I am doing 1 of several "cosplay boudoir" shoots with my son and then the studio will be shut up until we get the green light from the governor and the CDC to continue like as normal.

SO with this all said and happening I want to let you all know that if you want to continue to help support us in this time of seclusion, I will have gift certificates available for sale with exp. dates set out to the end of 2021. I can take a payment over the phone with a cc or your can send a check and I will then send you a gift certificate in the mail. There is ZERO contact or reason to meet. I appreciate all my loyal clients over the last 3 years and hope that in this awful time of everything kinda standing still that you don't forget about me. I well, one way or another, make it through all this but the gift certificate sales would greatly help with my monthly utilities, rent and costs of just running the business that I have to continue to pay, even when I have the doors closed. Thank you all for your love and support over the last few years and thank you for making me part of your families.

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